The wild lioness: fierce, skilled huntress, trains her young to be independent and not dependent. She lets her family and sisters collect their scars and battle wounds, just as she has because she knows every matriarch has her scars. Like me…

I am a lioness. I am fierce when it comes to my community. The LGBT community gets me, not as in understands me, but as in a possession. I am theirs and I am fierce. Nobody else will ever get a bigger piece of my heart then them, nobody. When I declare you my family I will traverse the desert with you.

I am Ruth and I am proud of being a trans woman. I am no less feminine or woman than any other woman. Grown men are intimidated by lionesses…and they should be.

We’re dangerous animals when we’re hungry or threatened, and honey, I feel both.


Let me know if you’re a lioness!

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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