My name is Marshall Byers, I am a lover of animals. I am currently training service dog’s at Washington’s Monroe Corrections Center for people with mobility issues.

I’m reaching out to you inquiring information on your Meerkat’s. Honestly, my big sister is my best friend, and she loves Meerkats with such a passion. Is it even a possibility to have a baby Meerkat named after her? Please, with all sincerity would you let me know. I earn $1.30 per hour, its not much, but I’m willing to give a donation.

My amazing sisters name is Jennifer Lee Byers, she is the worlds best flight attendant for Southwest Airlines, and lives in Austin, TX. Would you even be willing to email her a picture of your Meerkats?

[email protected]

Thank you Omaha’s Henry Doorly zoo for taking the time to consider my request,

Fingers Crossed,
Marshall Byers
































or mail me at:
Marshall Byers # 769274
PO Box 888
Monroe WA  98272
or thru using Marshall Byers # 769274