Here’s the setup….

“Given two positive numbers a and b, with b being greater than a, find a formula for how many numbers are between a and b inclusive.”

I gave a seven minute micro-lecture on this formula. I emphasized the terms “positive” and “inclusive” not only as a matter of the problem, but as an element of pro social engagements. In the space of delivering this formula (which I was shaky on) to my closest friends, we stand positive for each other and inclusive in each other’s lives. We operate a lot of problems this way, not just math. And to feel the tension of standing in front of them to give a presentation on information that I’m not that confident in delivering, I’m glad I’m in a positive, inclusive environment. With giving the speech comes a real responsibility to know what I’m saying and how to say it. My friends’ understandings may be at stake…

The other element I worked on was how to find the number “1” as the start in a sequence of the numbers represented here. Why “1”? It’s a start… like age, we start at one and count consecutively. I was able to give a semi confident speech to great friends on a topic I could make more relevant to the way I see the world and when it was over, my friends clapped. It was positive and in an environment that includes all confidence levels of mathematical understanding. In the terms of Christopher, I’ll work on my “mathematical maturity” to give a better presentation on the hard facts of complex math problems, but until I grow a bit, I thank goodness I’m taking this ride with people I care about…

by Rory Andes

“More math, more understanding”…

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