Last Friday I started a new class. Yeah, I actually signed up on purpose for a math lecture series. My life has dramatically improved because of math. I find it very peculiar that I study math to relive stress today, and just a short time ago I would get a nose bleed from counting my finger’s and toe’s.

Today was week two. I woke up tremendously excited ready to give a five to seven minute lecture on my homework question. The question I had to teach the class…”How many multiples of 5 are between 333 and 4444?”
Let’s see if I can express it in a comprehensive way to you.

333, 334, 335, …, 4440, 4441, 4442, 4443, 4444. I put some of the numbers up for a visual. If we are working with multiples of 5, then we need to go to the first number in our number series that 5 goes into evenly, which is 335.

Let’s put a sequence of numbers in our number series that only have multiples of 5. 335, 340, 345,…, 4435, 4440. Now divide those numbers by 5.

67, 68, 69,…, 887, 888.
Now subtract. -66, -66, -66,…, -66, -66
1 2 3 ,…., 821 822

There are 822 multiples of 5 between 333 and 4444. Woooooh! If your confused I apologize. Learning math is a beast all on its own, let alone teaching it. I like to think of myself as a baby giraffe. Today I gained a little confidence, hope, understanding, and shared a bundle of laughs with incredibly fun loving people. Heck yeah!

I Love My Life,
Marshall Byers