It was a Tuesday night at 6:50 pm in the prison library and 3 of us met up to talk. We only had an hour and we weren’t exactly sure what our agenda was, except to accomplish amazing things with our lives.

Q, Marshall, and I are friends. We are a potluck of culture and experience but our shortcomings are bolstered up by the others, our strengths help the other two. We are a force of positive energy continued support for one another, all we do is push each other into one another’s next accomplishment. Strange how much it felt like we were at a restaurant having lunch. Strange how fast an hour goes.

We shared our latest quotes we dug up, Q’s idea, and challenged Marshall to think bigger. We coached Q into selling himself in 60 seconds and being vulnerable, they helped me to think bigger than I was and allowed me to run a new business idea past them. A Mastermind group.

Q is leaving first. He leaves in 6 months, then Marshall goes in June of ’21 and I’m next in November of ’21. Our first goal together is get a meeting on the topmost part of the Columbia Tower in downtown Seattle and shout “I am success in the flesh!”. Though, we have already determined that’s too small of a goal for us.

Our next one is October 29th, same time, same place. I’ll tell you all about it.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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