Are you serious! Is this really happening? Talk about an onslaught of racing thoughts. I’ve had this painful lump on the right side of my chest for quite awhile. Yeah, you could say why wouldn’t you have gone to see the doctor years ago, and I would respond with have you ever watched the old movie ” One flew over the Coo-coo’s nest”? If not, please do, it’s a classic.

I saw my provider for the first time in six years for an unrelated issue. I was like oh, by the way, I’ve got this lump. I laid back on that weird doctor bed with my shirt off (whats with that crispy loud white paper? Have we not evolved in the medical world to invent something less crinkly and rough!) as soon as she touched me I jumped and gasped nearly falling off the table/bed.

First off, her hand was FREEEEZZZZZING ! ! And secondly, I haven’t been touched for so long…plus I’m super ticklish. She told me I needed a mamma something or other. Anyway, after 21 question’s I found out that I would be leaving the prison for a visit to the hospital to see if I have BREAST CANCER or not.

A full week went by waiting, wondering, and thinking how I was going to tell my family this news, if I was going to tell anybody at all. In a strange way I was overloaded with glee, because I was going on a field trip outside of prison for the first time in over twelve years, and it happens to be my home town.

Yesterday morning I was called out of school. I was handcuffed and shackled wearing only a thin orange/black jumpsuit (ironically happens to be my high school colors) Two friendly officers put me in the back of a new dodge charger. The short drive was very emotional, invigorating, visually stimulating for sure, and even somewhat confusing due to all the changes. I couldn’t hold back the tears seeing how much the trees have grown since I’ve been gone.

We pulled right up front to the medical center, it was all slow motion after this. Look, I might have one disclaimer, I don’t usually fall in love with every blond hair blue eyed beautiful mammography specialist, but It’s not everyday that I get to be cared for by one either! I could go on about this all day, but I want to give you the good news…NO BREAST CANCER.

To all the women in the world, I have Sooooo much more respect and empathy for you after my experience today. And to that wonderful, vibrant, beautiful angel that took such great care of me, you are everything prison is not. Thank you for recharging me with your kind word’s and soft touch.

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