Have you ever met a person so infectiously electric, you can run your appliances by simply having them stand in a room? Let me introduce you to Marshall “Heck Yeah!!” Byers. He’s a little over six foot tall, Anderson-Cooper-stylish-silver hair, and exudes pure, rehabilitated energy.

We all have a story to tell and Marshall is no different. He came to prison like the rest of us. It’s indicative of some error he had in handling his life. Thankfully, I didn’t have to watch those chapters in his life. I get to enjoy the one he’s currently writing. The one that showcases him as a mentor, a friend, a scholar, a motivator and a hero. Hero? Its a big word to reference someone in prison, but his energy and zest for better living has pulled several men from the horrors of prison and into the love of life and a wonderful future, myself included. I know a hundred men and women he’s been willing to help and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But to do this much good, you have to be fueled with an electricity that shocks life back into people.

I met him at work in the prison laundry over two years ago and he’s one hell of a worker. Motivated. Committed. We hit it off pretty quick, but he does that with most people. I was going through a rough patch and he became a great sounding board and coach for my short term problem. He’s a reentry facilitator helping people make sound decisions about life in and after prison. He’s a volunteer that makes quilts for the less fortunate. He’s a dog trainer who loves the service of giving. He’s educated and he works hard at gaining knowledge. When I doubt how to maneuver into success, I just seek him out and he boosts me up… electrified, enriched, and ready to ride the trail. He’s the neighbor people want on every block. The comeback kid. The poster boy for repairing a broken soul. Rehabilitated… Rehabilitated… Rehabilitated…

I’m glad to have people like him. Like Ruth. Like James. Like so many others. People who work their asses off to be the best gift of humanity, connected to the world they live in. So, when life runs my batteries down, I have the human lightning rod in Marshall to channel his positive energy into seeing the light and a brighter future.

Thanks Marshall…

by Rory Andes

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