I’m graduating June 6th from Edmonds Community College with an Associates of Technical Arts degree in business. My fun love’n Texas transplanted family will be flying home to fill four seat’s in the crowd to watch me walk with full cap and gown! Saaaaaay whaaaaat! I’m gushing with excitement. I worked my tush off, and it feels damn good.

Then, if that isn’t enough hype, my mini me look alike son is graduating from Monroe High School two days later. Yep, there’s more! My son and I have been kept apart by more than just these prison wall’s….however, in 40 short day’s, he turns eighteen. This means that he can come visit me ANY time he feels like it, (Heavy Sigh) the planet will feel this long awaited father/son embrace.

I’ve been told by the staff ” STOP having everyone that is on team Marshall-Heck-Yeah-Byers to stop calling here asking if they can attend your college graduation!” Apparently only four people can attend?? Whateva!

So maybe everyone would like to swing by Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon from 12:30-7:30pm. I would reall-really love to see you all.

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Big Hug’s To You All,
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