We know there are sanctuary cities for immigrants across America. Some, not all, have legalized recreational marijuana use. Two that come to mind are Washington and California, among others. 

Usually I don’t do this type of writing because it has come back to bite me in the butt when I form a political opinion without knowing much about the actual political landscape. But this is just a prediction that involves Trump, Jeff Sessions, and sanctuary cities that reside in legalized marijuana States, like Seattle, WA. 

I predict that since Jeff Sessions is traditionally anti-marijuana and since he is the Attorney General that a deal is going to get made. Trump and Sessions will put pressure on States to comply with Trumps immigration desires and drop lawsuits in exchange for not shutting down their legalized marijuana companies, which no doubt produce much needed tax revenue.

Just my prediction…

Since immigration sanctuary is such a deeply rooted subject I suspect we will see local marijuana operations get some backlash.

We will see, since its a prediction I will date this at time of writing: 1/4/18

With Love