Activism rarely gets national attention and when it does its to make the all powerful government look better and the activist group maniacal. However, in this case, on 1/20/2018 while speaking from the Senate floor, just after 7p.m. EST, Senator Marco Rubio blames immigration activists for putting immense pressure on Senator Charles Schumer, blaming them for the shutdown.

I have a few things to say about this:

1) Activists, its time to go harder! This is where you’ve been the most effective and its time to ramp up your efforts. Get your constituency active! 

2) Good Job Dreamers! 

3) Democrat and Republican officials better understand that it is not they who support the people, but the people who support them. There are but a few of them and we out number Senators nearly 1,000,000:1. They would do well to remember that the government was built for the people and not the people built for the government.

4) Neither side is to blame (side meaning Democrat or Republican), your both ridiculously to blame. Drawing hard lines, pretending to represent the people when the only thing any of you represent is your career. Your nothing better then gang members, who do the same thing: selfishly climb the ranks.

Activists: Here’s where you shine

With Love