Beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder. However, in this case beauty means cohesive, safe, the opposite of dilapidated. 

We have options in helping people or walking by. Sharing our resources or not. Giving our time or not. 

We must end the thoughts that helping someone else means the person helped has used you in a negative context. Of course they used you! They used your help, your resource, your time. But how else were they suppose to get help? In the same thought, employees use their bosses to get money and employers use their employees to get labor. 

Wherever I go when I get out I am going to share my time, my resources, my skills to build my community. I’m going to enhance instead of ignore, I’m going to stop when most walk by. Then, because I am a leader, a real man, because I am able to motivate I am going to enlist the help of my peers. Together were going to build property values, fix cars, mentor those we can to be successful. That way, when my family needs help, I’ll have an army to call on. 

You can do this to. I know for people of color you are over policed, life is difficult in your neighborhoods. This must seems like pipe dreams to you. Brothers and sisters, I am listening and I am learning. Know this, in me you have an ally and a friend and no longer will you fight in solitude. Your community means something to me, I’m only one person but know this…one person can change the world and I intend to.

With Love