My goodness, do you ever stop an ponder just how incredible life is, I mean truly grasping the richness of being alive? Woooooo! These are the choices I made today. I worked with the puppies, studied my Greek alphabet, worked on my life coach handbook, attended Toastmasters, did one hour of yoga, wrote three letters. First letter was to the University of Washington. Secondly, I wrote my kid’s at Boise State College. Lastly, I wrote a thank you letter to a major support network of mine down in Southern California.

Oh yeah. Time management is a marketable skill. As the day continued, I studied math, read my UW Book Club book “Water For Elephants”, ironed my clothes, quilted for three hours, and to end the night, I prepared my schedule for tomorrow. I have a message to self on my cell door. Marshall, which pain do you want to feel? The pain of discipline, or the pain of regret?

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