All I got around me is positivity. Positive people, positive experiences, positive energy, and a positive future! If you ain’t on some let’s-go-live-life-to-the-fullest-and-change-the-world-stuff, unh-uh honey…

For some, prison is the ultimate dark universe where negativity is bred and worn like a battle array. Where masculinity and furrowed brows are the mask of insecurity and fight or flight is honed to just fight. But for me and my friends, prison is opportunity.

Opportunity to spread joy, do some inner-self gardening, learn as much as my brain can handle. There isn’t any of this “there’s nothing to do” or “prison is boring”. HOGWASH! The people I hang with are so busy we barely have time to high-five each other as were racing to our next self-help class, or acting group, or college course, or quilting, or working out, or yoga, or teaching something, or learning some random skill…because, why not?!

Who likes new experiences? This broad does! Getting out of my comfort zone and finding out new things about myself is something I enjoy. I want to go climb mountains, skydive, swim with sharks! Learn to bake, take salsa lessons or learn ballet…oooh, make-up! I want to learn all about make-up! Shoes! Unh-uh sweetie, don’t even get me started about some shoes.

Go spread some positivity today!

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With Love
Jeff aka Ruthie Utnage