There’s things you don’t know about me
I’ll do my best to share it all with you
That’s my job
Your job?
Love me anyway
It might be hard to do
It’ll be worth it if you survive

I’ve been through some shit
Sort of like a wild runt who survived the scrutiny of a pack
Never quite accepted but to hard to kill
I’ve had to accept a few things over the years
Some of them very unpleasant

When I choose to love you
It will wrap you like a blanket on a chilly evening
I will warm you like a cup of hot chocolate in your palms
I’ll love you through anything
I’ll make sure you know, understand
That you’re loved unconditionally
I’ll be worth your time
Love like mine
You read about it
No judgment
No misleading
No anger
My baggage is taken care of

I am fiercely independent
I have dreams
You better be the same
Or you won’t last with me long
I’d rather hear the truth than ever wade through someones lies
Expect that from me

I have love to give
In excess
Our life will consist of trillions of little memories that will rock the world
Other people will watch in envy at our boldness
The love we could share
You only have to love me in return

With Love
Jeff “Jeffebelle”