When you have a spouse you share intimacy with them. This means things that no one else gets. We tend to have this exclusivity complex where we claim ownership or entitlement to all our partners intimacies. But what if you loved a thousand men? 
From a religious standpoint this sounds absurd. From a romance standpoint it sounds just as bad. After all were trained to love “the one”. So we reserve our love for one person and then when we think we got them, we unleash the love gush! Drown em in love. 
But consider this. I’m not talking about sex with a thousand men or dating at all. I’m talking about giving of yourself freely to all you meet. 
Keep your marriage bed and vows, but know that love means much more then sex. Love a thousand men the same way you would love your spouse. Listen to them, help them, troubleshoot with them, help them be better people. What if you did that with everyone you met? What if one person gets suddenly loved by ten people at once? 
Its a dreamers notion I admit, but its one that I am practicing. I am giving myself to all who need it and its only making me stronger. There has been no negativity. For those who are already married, you should do it together. That way it keeps trust between you. Its a scary thing to have your partners love go elsewhere, but know that there is still apart of him no one else gets but you. 

I can’t stress this enough, there are people you see everyday that truly believe that NOBODY loves them. What if your the only one that ever does? Think about that for a moment…

With Love

Jeff Utnage