In order to love someone or something, must you have a physical attraction? I must say no. What about those that are blind? Because they cannot see can they not love? Certainly not! Of course they love, they love without sight, which may even increase their capacity to love, arguably.

What about loving my community? I love the LGBT community with all my heart. Even the ones I don’t know or I know that don’t care for me. I still love them and would do extraordinary things for them that I would not do for most. 

Then, is ones love directly correlated to what one would do? Perhaps. I would not kill, rob, or victimize anyone or anything for those whom I love. Because I have limits to what I would do, then is my love for them inferior? I think not. I would however die for them, I would give them everything I own, I would and have sacrificed my own stabilizers for their stability. Is my love still inferior, if ever at all?

I don’t believe love should be entirely segmented. Maybe you love something less than some other “thing” or person. But it is still the same love, just a different measure. So then, I love the same just in different amounts. 

Love is a subject that should be defined by every living, capable being. You, we, should contemplate what love means to us individually. We should have a definition and then understand this, your definition will change with experience and time. It doesn’t mean you were wrong, or stupid, you have only reconsidered a subject that is meant to be reconsidered often. 

Love, its what’s desired in nearly everyone, but perhaps the least contemplated. Therefore, we desire what we do not understand, comprehend, or have a specific definition for. 

Guess what, that’s OK too. At least we desire what is intrinsically and inherently good. 

With Love, literally,