Prison is about as bothersome as a paper cut doused in lemon juice. Not completely painful but has just enough sting to be completely annoying. A perfect example of what I am complaining about is the loudspeaker mounted in the ceiling outside my cell door. It has to be turned up to “11” (for all you Spinal Tap fans) because every time an announcement is screamed through the microphone, the screeching feedback reverberates around the concrete box I call home. Just today as I was about to partake in some sweet, sweet slumber for a well deserved afternoon nap, a burst of feedback shot through my eardrum causing me to lurch upright on my bunk resulting in cracking my skull on the bunk above. I was not amused.

Of course, this ruined any chance of a nap due to the foul mood I was now in. So I decided to make a cup of instant coffee. I scooped out three large teaspoons of freeze dried swill and proceeded to pour scalding water out of my Hot Pot (it boils water quite fast) into a coffee cup. As I was pouring ridiculously hot water into a tiny coffee cup my “buddy” thought it would be funny to kick my door to see what I was doing. What I was doing at that very moment took a bit of concentration which was interrupted by a jackass.

It goes without saying I burned the everliving S##t out of my hand. At this point in time I was quite put out. I had a throbbing head, burnt hand, a lousy cup of coffee, and all I wanted to do was take a nap. Instead, my “buddy” was laughing at my colorful expression which may or may not have been something along the lines of “G.D. M-Fer” (edited for content) as I was clasping my poor hand between my legs hopping around like a deranged Easter Bunny.

I could not be mad at his excitement for long because he received an email from his estranged son. It was the first time my friend had heard from his child in over seven years. Letter after letter, picture drawn after picture drawn went unanswered. Finely, he received contact. What’s more, he also received a phone number which to call. My friend was bursting with joy and had to share it.

The beaming smile upon his face made me forget the dull pounding of my concussed head, and the waves of pain radiating from what is an obvious 58th degree burn. All in all, today turned out to be a pretty darn good day.

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