These amazing little creatures that greet me in the early am, and throughout the day have inspired me to think and dream bigger. Around five am hundreds of birds descend from the fog, landing on the roof tops, light polls and distant tree branches. The birds that inspire me the most are the ones that land right on my window seal. I wake with a giggle hearing them chirp, peck and ruffle their feathers. I know we’re not supposed to feed the little guys and girls, but if I happened to accidentally spill cookie crumbs all over my window seal the night before, is that reeaally braking the rules ??

I talk to them, yep, that’s right. Almost every kind of bird in my twelve years in prison has given me hope, laughter, freedom, affection, companionship, peace, and connection. I’ve asked them with hot tears in my eyes to fly over and check on my children for me. I’ve asked the birds to keep others company that I know outside of prison. I named a giant Raven out at Clallam Bay Bill Todd, because he reminded me so much of my wild and crazy friend that past away before I came to prison. I had guy’s coming up to me over the years saying “Hey! we saw Bill Todd today!” We used to feed this huge two foot Raven whole pancakes, he even waited for me Friday mornings on the roof top to walk by. This guy was straight out of the movies, he barked like a dog. I miss you Bill Todd.

Back to the present. Not sure, but I think it’s safe to say that I live in a bird haven of some sort……..or, I’d like to think it’s from all the years of wonderful friendship that they talk to one another into keeping me company. Once I stopped giving a #### what others thought of me and my “bird talk”, I began to think and dream bigger. Connection, yeah I value connection the most. I think of new ways to get this deep need met daily.

When I watch them fly by, I pretend I know there going to certain places I grew up at, or I picture them landing on your tree tops, and you look up and ponder to yourself “I wonder if that is Marshall’s little friend coming to say hello and have a good day”. Please take a moment to look up, look around.

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