I’m not a scientist or doctor, but I know how to read just fine. I am not going to get to technical on you but I am going to explain a little about neuroscience, though not much.

Our brain has amazing survival instincts. Everyone has heard of flight or fight response. Well, this happens involuntarily in times of crises. Your brain activates certain functions in you body to help you prepare for flight or defense. Like dialated pupils, a dose of adrenaline etc. Those are only a few of the things that happen. As your brain assess the need for these things it either increases its response or it decreases in accordance with its perceived danger level. 

Now, this system gets activated when we are in times of emotional stress to. To what level is up to your brain. An important chemical that is released during times of stress is Cortisol. Maintaining high levels of this hormone can cause many negative health effects. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, unwanted fat storage etc. 

When you are in an abusive relationship, or do drugs, or are always perceiving the world around you as a threat then you are frequently tapping into this part of your brain. Which has real consequences. Yeah its a great survival tool for when you need to fend of an attacker or run from a real threat. But its not healthy to have the same level of hormone changes because some idiot cut you off in his car. Or you couldn’t make your mortgage payment. Or your kid did something that kids do. 

Before you get up in the morning make it your intention to smile before you get out of bed. Because laughter and happiness are things that lower Cortisol levels. You don’t need a pill, you need to control you emotions. So laugh, watch some funny videos before you head out on your day…

With Love
Jeff Utnage