It is easy to say “Don’t take life for granted”. Then we quickly agree and move on. “yup” I used to think “easy for you to say” was my next thought.

But I want to challenge you, right now. Are you extremely busy, have a lot of irons in the fire? Juggling life on a fine edge? This is the challenge I have for you, enjoy right now. Do something that you can enjoy right this minute and spend just a few minutes genuinely enjoying it. Just you and ….??? You decide.

How about you and a milkshake? Do not just drink it and throw the cup away, I mean sit there and enjoy a milkshake. Eat it straw full by straw full or dip French fries in it. You decide, it is yours to enjoy. Honestly, you have five minutes. 
How about you and your partner? Why not just tell them that you want to spend just a little while with them. A few minutes of closeness. Maybe you want to watch the sun go down, or just ride the Seattle ferry to Bremerton and back. Block out everything else, no cell phone or internet. Just you two, when your done you can go back to your busy lives and all its chaos, but for right now you can afford something just to enjoy. Reminisce on old times, remind each other about the people you fell in love with. Maybe not say a word but just sit there and breath…

This is not about anyone else, just you enjoying something right now. Are you at work in an office? Heels killing your feet? Take em off for five minutes and let them rest. Do not move or get self conscious. Just sit there and enjoy comfort. Then go back to your misery, happily! Beauty is rarely painless, but someone has to do it, right girls!

We are a community that is fast paced and energetic. Always looking for the next thing to either occupy or move forward or lives. Either we are to bored or to busy but rarely do I hear someone say “Just took five minutes to be happy”. I need that. You deserve that. 

So for today, my shoes are killing me, I just gave a presentation for the 2nd time this week to a crowd of people that did not want to hear what I had to say. I am hungry and I have a million things to do. But right now I am writing and that makes me happy. Next I am going to kick off my shoes (you like how I am doubling down…LOL!), then I am going to close my eyes on my bed and thank God for making me gay because I am not ashamed anymore and that is miraculous.

I would love to read your moments of happiness. They will be inspiring.

With Love
Jeff Utnage

FYI- I am seeking to expand what lgbtqprisonsupport is doing, if you have technical skills and/or are interested in hearing more, I could use help in a few areas.