Potlucks. Barbecues. Phone calls. Parades. Fishing trips. Beach fronts. Pikes Place Market. Sporting events. Seattle Home Show. Concerts…community.

Community is where people interact. It isn’t clicking a button that says “Like” or “Dislike”. Comments are better, moving in the right direction, certainly better than pressing a button with a dichotomous answer.

I’ve been in prison since 2011 and have not used the Internet on my own that entire time, certainly don’t have a personal social media page. I’ve been “unplugged” and here I am nearly 9 years later hearing something I wrote was “Liked”. The first thing that comes to mind is “so what?”. What the hell does a like do? It doesn’t get me a job, I don’t get friends or lovers out of it. In fact, all it seems to be good for is for angry trolls to be able to bully other people subversively and ruin peoples sense of ego, which, how it got reduced to a button click is so, so sad.

How about this, how about you send me a mailing address and I’ll write you a letter or card. Let me remind you how that feels to open a letter and feel the personality of another human being. If it makes you feel better, I’ll even draw a little set of buttons on the bottom.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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