You know what sucks about life lessons? In order to learn them you have to experience life and make some mistakes. I wondered what happened to bitter old queens to make them so pissy. But then, as I experience things and I see myself getting a bit bitter over time, it sucks.

I am not going to allow life to dictate how I react to everyone. Yeah, I am a little down and probably clinically depressed but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have some amount of self-control and I am not about to turn out angry at everyone forever. Maybe a little disappointed, but certainly not angry.

I have been going through some life experiences lately that are hard won. In order to get through them you have to get depressed and rethink what you’re doing. In order for me to accomplish what I aim to accomplish, which is to help those that nobody gives a shit about, I am going to go through bouts of severe ridicule, depression, and low self-esteem. Let’s be honest if a lot of people thought that I was worth rehabilitating and their time to become successful, I would have had a long line of people waiting to help me already and those before me. 

I am here now though and I am going through the same trials that many before me have gone through and I am fighting for my life and the next persons too. That might be your son or daughter or grandson or Mother or husband I might be helping, by the way. Just saying truth. It might be your family that I was able to stop from being victimized because I was able to help someone in here and out there. That is a goal worth fighting for and its one that I find worthy of my stress, depression and heartache.

Without question. 

I just have one piece of advice for everyone who has a goal, don’t give up because anything worth having is worth fighting for.

Even Your Depression

With Love
Jeff Utnage