Have you ever stood up for someone else? I once stood up for a guy who was being called a faggot in a very derogatory way. The aggressor was using it venomously to intend emotional pain. I intervened because that has happened to me and when I looked around for help, people turned away in fear of conflict. It’s a terrible feeling to feel alone when you actually need help. Believe me, I know and once you experience it firsthand you won’t easily stand by while it happens to someone else.

Standing up for others who are unable, not skilled enough, afraid, meek, mild mannered, or have made mistakes to put themselves in a situation is sometimes difficult to do. Especially when you think the other person doesn’t deserve help or put themselves in the situation. Case in point, when a person gets beat by their partner physically, society expects the victim to leave. If they don’t then many justify the abuse by saying “Well, they asked for it, they should have left after the first time.” 

This isn’t said to justify the assaultive behavior, this is said to justify your reasoning for not intervening. To justify your fear, turn a blind eye…to sleep better at night.

While some may be okay with this, I am not. This very problem is why global aide organizations are so necessary and why there aren’t enough of them. This is why our Russian LGBT family is being murdered silently while their government turns a blind eye. This is why its happening all over the world, because people are unable or to afraid to stand up for themselves. 

It is our duty as human beings to stand up for those who need it, not just for those who we think deserve it. Everyone deserves help. 

Everyone deserves your empathy and compassion. Nobody deserves to suffer alone and isolated. Nobody.

It is our complete and total failure as a human being to think it is not our fault that bad things are still happening elsewhere. It is your problem, it is your job, it is your responsibility. Not the governments, not Gods, not the rich dude down the street, not the police, not the Mayors, not the American Red Cross, not the United Nations…its Yours! Its Mine! That’s a fact.

We have voices, we have brains. For once, put your judgments aside and let’s work together to do some amazing things. You would be surprised at what a few people are capable of. I promise you won’t lay your head down at night regretting. 

With Love