I have been writing here for several years now. My journey through prison somewhat documented. My emotional journey is the more accurate description. But this site is so much more and my dream is that it will become a space for the millions of people whom are affected by LGBTQ prisoners and LGBTQ prisoners themselves to express their inner selves.

This means poetry at times, short stories, rants and raves, pleas for human contact, ridiculous political views, hard to understand stories and viewpoints, and hopefully ways to actually help rid our prison systems of all LGBTQ people.

My goal is to have no more LGBTQ prisoners, period. One is too many. Millions of people, literally, are affected by LGBTQ prisoners. Our friends and families, not to mention those whom have been affected by our crimes which range from petty theft to rape and armed robbery to homicide. Some are addicted to some substance and some are from well-to-do families who love them and some are former prostitutes from the streets since childhood.

Our stories range from straight allies who served in our military to foster kids who were cut open, literally, by some deranged adult.

We are as diverse as creation and this space is for us, it is for you. Our voices matter, they are powerful and needed and can make a difference when we collect them together.

If you are interested in writing for us here, please connect with us by emailing
[email protected] to submit a post.

With Love
Jeff Jeffebelle Utnage