All the letter we hear about in LGBT pop culture are adding to the terminology mayhem which for straights and LGBT persons alike is a full blown educational crises. This brings one to a point where they can knuckle down and begin the learning process or they can forgo the milieu of equality rhetoric and say “f – it”.

Equal representation at the social negotiation table is the point of introducing all these new letters, which are symbols of the factions they represent. No longer is LGBT good enough just as gay wasn’t good enough that led to LGBT. This practice of adding letters to the mix was started with well-meaning intentions, but the road to hell was always paved with good intentions.

Besides confusing our allies we have effectively created divisions within divisions within divisions. Factions within factions of divisions within divisions leading to confusion of where our alliances reside. Are you trans or gender non-conforming? Are you gender non-conforming or gender non-binary or gender-queer or androgynous or two-spirited or a transvestite or transsexual pan gendered or a cross-dresser? Choose a side and claim your flag and march in the designated row of the Pride parade and try not to dull my shine in the process or we’ll take your princess points away.

This movement of equality, like gangs, has caused division among the equality movement that is impossible to achieve so long as we entertain our ego’s. As long as we are (let me see if I can do this) L,G,B,T,Q,I,A,GS, A, GNC, GF,GNB, GB, GFu, TS, SS, MS, CD, NB, P, PF, A, S, CS…did I miss anyone ( Write me and let me know and the next time I go on a labelling diatribe I’ll try to be more “equal” about it), we will never be “N” (Normal) or “Ac” (Accepted) because we belong to another label we nestled ourselves into for equal representation, which the more I experience disparity the more I understand that we are our own worst enemy.

The truth is nobody knows how to help us have an equal seat at table. This imaginary table was only invented for white men, then it grew to allow black men and other men of color, reluctantly. Then the ultimate equality expansion was allowing women to sit there two, at the “man’s” table. In order for it to expand any further we need to install CCTV and microphones so we can see one another from the next county because the table has grown so much that we can’ t even see the end. Its hard to imagine something to accommodate infinity.

I say this as someone who has a site named after these very labels, as a means to reach a targeted audience.

I am not trying to change anything here, I just simply want to interrupt the equality meeting to introduce a thought while you go about your day. Maybe as a community, because all demographics read these, we can come up with a more suitable solution?

Here’s to challenges and our uncanny ability to overcome them.

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