I am in prison, my news is limited to the channels on my TV. I hear a lot about Trump causing divisions, how much the marginalized communities hate it. I see protests and politicians using their floor time to talk about uniting divided parties.

I sit here, as a gay man. I am apart of the LGBT community. Period. I’m in that mix and it really doesn’t matter that I’m in prison or what I’m in prison for. But you wouldn’t know I’m a part of your community. Because I’m divided out. My fellow brothers and sisters ignore my handwritten letters and plea’s for help. I write and write and the community as a whole ignores me.

Another friend of mine, Gary, was in prison for over 8 years and he experienced this too. In fact, his largest support came from incarcerated straight people. Even I am guilty of not providing the kind of emotional support he needed. But his story isn’t unique. It’s mine too. Where is everybody?

The Internet is a powerful social force. Obviously. This is the only way I can connect with other people. Well, this and sympathetic friends. 

I have to say how surprised I am that the gay community can be so upset at division when they themselves are divisive? 

When we have a leader who is actively dividing, the answer is to unite. The answer is to show impervious solidarity. 

I am an activist, advocate, friend, mentor, and student. If you have received a letter from me and ignored it, shame on you. I have sent letters to hundreds of organizations. When someone is reaching out, its your job as a human being to respond. Because if you don’t then the Presidents regime is working. We divide ourselves. 

Here I am, still reaching out. Will anyone out there NOT mimic Trump?

With Love