As Pride month races toward me again, or rather as I race toward it, I lie awake at night thinking about what our culture goes through. How can I help? Can I motivate enough people to help themselves? 

The point of Pride month is to be unashamed of who we are, as a people. It is the time of year that we remind ourselves, and everyone else, that we happy we are who we are. 

I have been called every name in the book and I have heard my LGBT family called every name. Particularly the trans community.

If I can’t know you all, if I cannot communicate with you all by phone then at least I need you to understand something. So listen carefully.

You are not an abomination, you are not some freak or weirdo…none of us are. We are a proud people who hail from every civilization, every country, every state. We are of every color, every nationality, every gender. 

We come from mountain tops and valleys, we are fighters and farmers. We are politicians and professors, judges and priests. We are Fathers and Mothers, children of the Earth. 

We are unashamed. We will not be made to bend to anyone’s idea of normal. We are not sorry we were born like this. We will not apologize, we will not pretend to repent, we will not hide it from you to “protect” you. 

We are unapologetic and unsympathetic to your crumbling foundation of fear. 

We are Unapologetically Proud of who we are. 

With Love
Jeff Utnage