Strange how most of mainstream society doesn’t recognize our vast differences. Trans people are not gay, usually. Yet they get called derogatory names all the time. Bisexuals can seemingly weave in and out of society as their heart desires. Gays are somewhat accepted in large, predominantly gay neighborhoods.

We call our trans friends by the proper pronouns while many don’t. Typically I don’t even recognize that they were physically another gender other then what they are inside.

I caught myself drawing a line for others to view. I said “trans people aren’t gay, that’s something completely different” in which the other person replied “oh yeah, soo much different!” he was being sarcastic. It resonated with me because I had forgotten why LGBT was lumped together in the first place, because everyone views us equally peculiar.

We as a culture cannot forget this. We must not isolate one another or leave someone out of important discussions because trans problems are LGBT problems. Gay problems are trans problems. How many times has someone asked you if you thought of yourself as a chick? “Do I call you her?”, “nope, just gay bro…”

The support we offer others in our community is vital to our stability in the future. Whether we like it or not our cohesion and unity is important for the equality and happiness of us all and our children and future generations.

Look at days past and how they still effect us today. The decisions we make today WILL effect future generations. Do we want them to be isolated and alone, fighting for their right to exist alone? Hardly.

Our burdens are not only ours. They are our entire cultures burdens. Which is why I am working so hard to be a better person. Because my actions are associated with the gay community, whether I agree with that or not. I screwed up once, but not forever.

Be kind.

With Love
Jeff Utnage