I just got involved in a literary class here and our first couple of books are ones I wouldn’t typically read. I like that though, reading a book and discussing it is precisely how you get the most out of it. In our setting it also is doing something else, its bridging gaps that normally wouldn’t be bridged socially.
But, this got me thinking. What books do I like. My most treasured read to date doesn’t come to mind. There in lies the problem. Why is that? I don’t read enough because my interests in literature have narrowed since I have started writing so much. Mainly if its not gay or LGBT in some way I don’t even give it a second glance. I realize this isn’t fair and I’m missing out. 
When I think of LGBT must reads I don’t have many titles in mind, that’s a problem. I love reading a good book but with my schedule its impossible to research whats my next read. Asking people seems like a great idea but seeking literary info is the last thing on my mind when I know I have limited time to interact. In fact its usually less then 60 seconds to deliver my point and catch their attention quickly enough to pitch my cause or ask my question. What’s your favorite book isn’t on the tip of my tongue.
But if there was a book club that I knew was among my peers and by peers I mean LGBT, I would be more apt to listen to their recommendations for reading then I would a stranger or non LGBT simply because I don’t trust everyone.
How many times have you been given bad advice? I’m afraid I’ve been told to many book titles that are religious based and they are designed to beat the hell out of me and encourage anyone who isn’t gay to jump on their passive hate train. Then they keep asking you how you like it, the really embarrassing part comes when you realize they had high hopes to legitimately cure you with this book of theirs. Oops.

Point is, I need to know from my peers, that’s you as well my silent readers, what reads are good? Not just revolving around LGBT but anything that helped you. I love a good non fiction book as well as the next guy, but it makes me want a partner, then I start husband shopping…not a good thing in prison…just sayin’. LOL!!!

Stay Loving Peeps!

With Love
Jeff Utnage