Having the best of intentions is not always enough. There are times when a shoulder and a tissue is just not sufficient. Things are much deeper.

My entire goal in here is to help those who are incarcerated and LGBT. However, I am realizing that drama is what I am up against. Drama is something that I am really beginning to hate. Just when I get someone comfortable enough to open up to me where I can actually begin helping them…something happens. Not with everyone, but the ones who really need it are the ones who are the wildest.

I love my community enough that I am willing to deal with the shortcomings and wild sides. However, wanting to help them does not do them or me any good. I have to be able to actually be able to talk to them.

However, that is not enough. Sometimes the ones who need the most help, are the ones who are hardest to reach, they are hard to reach for a reason, because they are busy living their lives accordingly.

Letting go is very hard to do when you actually give a rip about someones well being. However, what do you do?

Wish them luck and move on I guess.

With Love, I am ready for the next one.

Jeff Utnage