It is incredibly frustrating to believe something with all your heart just to have someone tell you your not welcome. It seems that Christianity and Muslim religions are really good at that.

It is disheartening to feel like your not welcome, not good enough, bad etc. Just to have anyone tell you that the God you believe in does not love you because of something you cannot change.

I had a faith based conversation a few days ago with someone. As he was chastising me for being gay and not in repentance, he is telling me how hard it is for straight Christian men in this world…(yeah, get the puke bucket ready) and how HE feels uncomfortable talking about LGBT anything for fear of not being liked, or some garbage.

He told me that he feels he should be able to openly rebuke LGBT people without feeling like he is touching “electricity.” I usually let these guys ramble on and on and than when they have figured out that I am not only bored but understandably pissed, I ask them if they feel better and then we move separate ways. Not this time though..

This time I told the person that he should feel uncomfortable chastising me, or anyone for anything. He should feel awkward, he should feel like he is doing something wrong because unless he has to live this life (as we do) than he has absolutely ZERO say in anything pertaining to LGBT anything.

This eludes to this point, as gay or trans or lesbian or bi whatever…you have the right to worship and follow whoever in the hell you want to and their ain’t nothing anyone can do about it, not now, not ever.

Do not let anyone EVER tell you that God doesn’t love you or (and I’m not even Muslim) that Allah doesn’t love you or that you weren’t CREATED!

We are ALL CREATED and not one of us can change one little hair, or gene or anything about our make-up, that was all the Creator’s doing and the Creator simply doesn’t make mistakes.

You are NOT mistakes and you ARE lovable!

With Love
Jeff Utnage