If you read the Bible or have some knowledge of it than you know that the Jewish (Israelites) people were a hated community. They were used, mistreated, marginalized, did not have a voice, no champions. 

The Bible is a story of the underdog. God chose the Israelites out of all His people to make examples to the rest of the world for all of time. Among men they were the least. Abhorred by all nations. Enslaved by multiple civilizations. Genocide has been nearly synonymous with “Jewish” for thousands of years.

Any of this sound familiar to us as LGBT people? Right now we are abhorred by entire civilizations. The Russian Government say that gays do not exist in Russia, when they are outed, the are murdered. Other countries have outlawed it and the punishment ranges from death to imprisonment to banishment. In the U.S. we are just as hated by whole communities. Most of the time parents despise us. They beg their higher power “please, just don’t let them be gay!”

But if you look at who God has loved through time you can clearly see that He loves those who are mistreated. 
We ARE the creations of the Most High. We ARE His beloved people, special in His eyes. Mankind has free will, so God will not stop all the bad in the world because then, we would be mindless, controlled beings that are incapable of true love because we have no choice. The best kind of love is the kind we choose and the kind that was freely given to us. Would you rather have someone love you because they want to or because they had to? Make a little more sense now?

God loves us. He has been raising up people to lead us into equality. To give us a voice and a land that accepts us. Religion may be intolerant, but God did not create religion, man did. Do not blame God because your life is unfair, because somebody made bad choices, because their is hate in the world. 

Because of free will God has sent messengers into every community to lead the hated into His love. Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Cleve Jones, Nelson Mandela, Moses, Abraham, Joseph, Jesus…and more are coming. God has given me a voice and I am using it as best I know how because we are NOT alone. We are LOVED and cherished! He is helping, he has sent all kinds of ambassadors to show His love. Ambassadors like Seattle Pride Foundation, Lady Gaga, Debra Messing, I could go on and on. One day I will be on that long list of people who listened to my Fathers call. 

Its OK to believe in God. Talk to Him sometime…I am gay and I know He loves me.

With Love
Jeff Utnage