This week our class was given an assignment: Get five letters from people who we respect, friends and family, for use later in our course. But the magic is in the questions. If we select the most honest people in our respected network, the input could be life changing. Here’s what we had to ask…
1. What is it like when I’m around?
2. What are my best qualities?
3. How have I positively impacted you or contributed to your life?
4. What would you like to see me devote my life to?
5. How do I hold myself back?

Its difficult to solicit a letter and get honest feedback from people, but the ones I’ve received so far have been moving and humbling. How about writing one? Its a hard conversation and I thought about the people in our lives that could use it. I thought about how to use this project for this time of year and it occurred to me to send your loved ones a letter detailing these questions with your Christmas cards. I don’t mean all the questions for everyone, but deeply look at MOST of these questions and build up the people who mean the most to you, those who could use it.

As part of this class project, I had to write a few myself and I promise you that its empowering to say something this important that might not get talked about often. And this time of year might just be the right time to say the most important things your friends and family have ever heard from you. I know what its done for me. Try and do it yourself. Build people with your words and use the season as a reason. You never know, it might just help someone get through a tough holiday. If not, it just simply shows how much you care…

by Rory Andes

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