God! There, I said the dreaded “G” word! Were not amid religious zealots who hate us, it is just us. Your safe, we can talk about God now.

It feels like that sometimes, right? Like we have to not express our feelings about God because were afraid some monstrosity is going to pounce on us. Well, that is not going to happen here. 

The reality is most of have some inclination to believe that some higher power created us. Those that believe in evolution should at least respect that. That is the joy of having conversation among our own culture, our beliefs differ but we aren’t condemning one another. It is called respect.

As gays or transgender or whatever, we have the wonderful right to believe in whatever our heart desires. 

God does not condemn homosexuality. Let me say that again, GOD DOES NOT CONDEMN HOMOSEXUALITY!! It is okay to believe in a Creator! If you want to call Him Allah, then do so, if you want to call Him YHWH (Yahway), then do it, if you want to call Him Jesus, then do it! 

If you need help or just want to talk about your feelings on this, even if you disagree, I am all ears. No anger, no judgement, just honest conversation about creation. It is important that we at least have an opinion, even if it differs. Who cares what anyone else thinks, it is family that matters and anyone who is or supports LGBT is family to me. Anyone who doesn’t or isn’t…well, I just don’t care what they think.

With Love

Jeff Utnage