I have a friend, I call her Witch C, sometimes I call her Sugar Witch C, as in “Suga Momma”, lol. This amazing woman writes little ole’ me faithfully and always brightens my day. Let me tell you about her.

First, she’s so nice, I mean, you wouldn’t believe how nice this woman is to me. She organized a gofundme account and bought me a typewriter, those things are like $300. Yeah, she did that.

Second, she’s the only person who’s attempted to send me duct tape with sheep’s and rainbows.. Lol, she used tiny pieces to tape a drawing she did… to a card…she made…FOR ME and of course it got rejected. I about died laughing when I got the mail rejection stating duct tape is not allowed.

Third, I’ve never felt judged by her. If you only knew how rare that is. Not just because I’m an inmate, but as any human. So many of us in the LGBT community feel judged or out of place. Cath always makes me feel normal, never out of place, never.

It’s people like Cath who make this world we live in amazing and vibrant. Thanks for being part of my life and always making me feel worth it, no matter what.

How about you? Do you have someone who makes you feel special? Please, tell me about them. Write me at the mailing address below, will respond to every letter I get.

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With Love
Jeff aka Ruth Utnage

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