Jewelers use specific heat temperatures to craft gems and rubies to their luxurious beauty. They do not come out of the ground on a necklace folks. Someone has to create them. This process is delicate and if it is not done with perfection, it will ruin the raw gem. 

People are very similar in life. We are put into the fire, emerging with luster and beauty or faulty cracks. The craftsman will not know until they are pulled out whether or not they were successful.

Prison is a womb or a tomb. You can learn to live and get reborn (so to speak) or you can learn to die.

This place creates pressure and no one knows how they will react until they are actually here. Until you see the place, touch it, smell it, sleep in it, eat it in. Only then will you know. Pressure, as we know creates beauty, but it can also destroy.

I have made a choice, just so all of you know, I will endure and emerge a new creation. I have decided that though I have many cracks and flaws, I will not allow that to deter me from shining. 

If a person can own up to his/her mistakes and overcome them with happiness, that is commendable and honorable. Not everyone in this place will shed the old person who brought them here. They will emerge just as ugly, if not more volatile. I will not allow that.

I encourage you to take a look at your pressure, your fire. What is it doing to you? Are you a carefully constructed being or are you the unfortunate mishap of something/someone? You are capable of devaluing yourself by crumbling under the pressure. Or you can endure, with a smile because you know what’s on the other side of it.

Anyone can sit angrily and bitterly through trials. Only a leader can take control of what happens. Reaping what they sow. If you plant negativity, you get that. If you plant positivity…well, you get the point.

Be beautiful.

With Love
Jeff Utnage