We are all rocket ships. All of us. Everyone. We are capable of being fueled with intelligence enough to break the oppression of the gravities that hold us. Our ships have cutting edge computers that can process our trajectory toward great and distant futures. When our main engines ignite and we push upward, we tend to use an incredible amount of thrust to move away from the downward hold of the mass that we were built on. We cut the atmosphere and crash molecules to signify we are doing something grand.

For some of us, the planets we leave have a far greater influence on how much of that fuel, the intelligence, we must use to break the overbearing gravity. But once free, we are capable of calculating which star to shoot for and just go. But we mustn’t just plot haphazardly. We have to use our hopes and dreams as intergalactic sextants and plan accordingly. We need to know which other gravities we can use to angle our best paths to discovery. You see, the universe is completely ours if we plan just right. Our journeys are how histories are told and books are written. Our bravery to seek which we don’t know is what inspires others to try. We are absolute rockets and the universe is limitless.

But we don’t go anywhere without launchpads. Its the crews of support and guidance from my mission control that puts me in an upward direction to begin with. People like Ruth, Marshall, Valerie, Dustin, Jana, Lauren, Bill and so many others. They are the experts who care enough about what they do to engineer the impossible. These very people make the mission of my exploration even plausible. They are the ground crew of ideas that puts me on my way. It is they who task me to take my ideas on a journey to the farthest reaches of my inspirations. Its the launchpads that start the process of believing that the heavens are limitless. I might be a rocket moving through the universe to do something amazing far, far from here, but I have to make sure I remember where I came from and who sent me to explore to the edge of my imagination and beyond…

Rory Andes
for www.lgbtqprisonsupport.com