If you are in the LGBTQ community or alive at all you have probably heard of Kevin Hart’s homosexual debacle. At first I thought he must have done something really bad, after all every news station including local news stations have talked about it. Prisoners are talking about it on the yard, we are shielded from societal conversations, so for us to hear about current events it must be blasted.

But then I heard the actual comments, folded into his comedy routine, and for me it seems more like a witch hunt. I grew up in an environment where the men in my family would say way worse stuff than that, after all, that’s the main reason I did not come out that I liked men until I was 28 and trans until I was in my mid-30’s, I could still hear the voices of my family shaming me. I am one of those people that should be “offended” by Kevin Hart’s routine.

But I am not. Instead, I laughed. I got to laugh about a moment that was painful and for me it took the sting out of those times. I may be the only one who feels that way, but I have a voice and I am no longer a trained monkey following a trend, I can think and speak for myself, thank you though.

What if we could bring up your past conversations and publicize them?

We evolve as a people, sometimes day-by-day, becoming increasingly aware of how we impact our environment. He negatively impacted his environment and when he realized it had a negative impact, he changed it. Asking for more is just a publicity stunt. CNN’s Don Lemon is an example of someone who is an LGBT voice, a strong one at that, but he has caused an issue to be swelled by injecting water into it. He is making it more than it should be.

I would like to say, chill. It’s gonna be alright and to Mr. Hart, in the one a billion chance you read this, thanks for making me laugh so hard I’ve cried. Thanks for standing in the spotlight and letting a group of people pour over your past and still continue on, I know what that feels like, only without the millions part.

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With Love
Jeff aka Ruthie Utnage