I tore my shoulder ligaments a year and a half ago playing Frisbee which is quite embarrassing. Not only did this injury prevent me from lifting weights which is what one does while in the pokey, but I have my collarbone pressing against my skin, causing it to stick out of my shoulder like a second head. My friend wanted to tattoo a face on it for a lark, but since tattooing in prison is against the rules, I had to decline his gracious offer. Funny I has to come to prison to learn the value of following rules….

Anyway, I began to research ways to rehab my shoulder myself. I found that kettlebells are one of the better ways to strengthen your shoulders BEFORE an injury IF you use them properly. For those of you who do not know what a kettlebell is, think of a cannon ball with a handle attached. Depending on the exercise, you are either pressing this contraption above your head or swinging it between your legs. If your not careful, you can injure yourself quite seriously. Since I am a knucklehead, evidenced by my Frisbee shoulder injury it made perfect sense to utilize this piece of equipment.

So I purchased a book titled Enter the Kettlebell. It was written by a crazy Russian named Pavel. The only good that has come out of this experience is that now I have perfect form when it comes to squats, which I can’t do because of my shoulder bone making its presence known which is quite bothersome.

My frustration stems from my injury, but manifests itself because I can see the benefits from a tool such as a kettlebell, however I am unable to utilize it to it’s fullest potential. There is most likely a lesson in this somewhere but I am to annoyed to meditate on this lesson at the moment. So instead of manly kettlebells, I get to workout with a wimpy medicine ball and elastic bands. Weep for me.

By Ryan Erker

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