I find it challenging to ignore people who I know disapprove of me. For whatever reasoning they use. Its one thing to know that somebody doesn’t like you when they are on the other side of town. Face to face contact limited to passing awkward glances at best. A quick glare at each other or a smirk to boost confidence that the other is intimidated.
What about when you have to deal with them daily? I don’t have the exact formula for this one. In fact I’d like help with it. I have to see multiple people every day who flat out despise me. For the most part I can ignore them because they play the role of “the bigot”. Shaved heads, swastikas and lightning bolts. I respect their space and they usually respect mine. What I struggle with is a man who is supposed to be a religious mentor and bipartisan, equal opportunist because he is suppose to represent God Almighty…what do I do with that? He loves everyone, everyone but me? How is that?
I know that I am not the only one who deals with this. Sometimes its unaccepting parents, or ex spouses whom your trying to maintain friendships with. Perhaps a boss or coworker? This happens at Pride festivals and Marches. It happens at LGBT weddings and there is even a church based in Missouri (Baptist claiming) that protests military burials. God only knows the story behind that one. Blame the gays for everything I guess. 
I hold my head high usually, take the high road to. But sometimes its hard to look a person in their face and smile, especially when you know they hate the very thing that makes you so special.

I guess there is no trick to holding your poise. Its like any other muscle, it has to be challenged over and over again in order to withstand great strain.

Unless you know something I don’t, could I could sure use the advice.

With Love
Jeff Utnage