I am only 35, born in 1982, I remember when AIDS became televised and awareness was raised to a world level. I remember when Elton John was still the only gay icon in the Midwest (I grew up somewhat sheltered in Nebraska) that I knew of.

It was interesting and eye opening to see how LGBT wasn’t always LGBT. When I woke up and came out I reached out for the unitedness that LGBT stood for. The rainbow flag, the marches, even the promiscuity attracted me and seemed to light my soul on fire with passion.

I followed suit in a place where it was needed. Though, the LGBT was already united into one, that work has already been done. Watching the “history” of the LGBT movement on ABC has been highly emotional because it’s like I am watching a foreign language that I somehow understand. How we were united and brought together under extremely stressful times…

Now I get why when I talk to an old queen about activism that they chuckle at me. As if what I am doing is watered down or hardly needed. I get it now.

However, we are still under-represented and hated on a very large scale that crosses continental boundaries and generational lines. We are still killed and beaten, raped and assaulted, we are still hunted. Though we are now united while we are hunted.

There is still much work to be done, an LGBT caucus needs to be created, specific resources etc etc.

You should write me, together we can make a difference…

With Love
Jeff Utnage