I have been having so many new experiences lately. I have given several speeches lately that have gone very well, I consider speaking ability a benchmark of rehabilitation and success on release. Everyone I know that has gone on to be incredibly successful has left prison with the ability to speak very, very well. I can speak very, very well and I’ve worked hard to do so.

I got to meet the, Jennifer “Sunshine” Byers, pretty sure I was in the presence of a Goddess. There was little golden rays shooting from her like an aura or something, maybe I had too much sugar, I can’t tell. I also got to meet a few more of Marshall’s family. What a welcoming group of people.

I got Pride coming up, June 27th, and let me tell ya, I’m gonna have to write about what it has taken to get that thing to happen this year. We’re talking hours before a final decision was gonna be made to officially cancel it your girl pulled a rabbit right outta her derriere and thanks to some very supportive people, the Pride Event is happening.

I have never felt more happiness or love or have a better sense of self-worth.

Thank you universe and everything in it.

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With Love
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