How ’bout we’re perfect
Just for the night
We’ll intertwine our ego’s with the divine
Drink from golden chalice’s…
Tonight our baggage doesn’t exist
Tonight I love my body and you,
You love yours too
My teeth are pearly white and neatly rowed
Just for today
Let me pretend I am in love
Go walk the pier with some handsome Mr. Gray of my own
It’ll be perfect
Just one night, that’s all I need
Let me feel human
Let me feel loved
Not the I want down your pants love
But the love you feel when you just know that God exists because only perfection could have created this, us
So tonight my love,
We’re perfect
Just you and I and this magical space that nobody else knows about
We’ll shed our masks and speak a dialect that only perfection understands
We’ll utter strange sounds
Just for today
Just for the night
Just for one hour
Just give me one minute
One minute to feel…this

By Jeff Utnage