This morning during our lecture in Retail Management, my eye’s spotted the most crumpled up un-ironed pair of pants I’ve ever seen. This young man wearing these crinkled jeans happens to be the kid I’m mentoring. I walked over to him, tapped him on the shoulder and asked “Hey, did you just crawl out of bed?” His retort Marshall, I don’t know how to iron, I’ve never even touched one…ever”. I was honored to teach Tommy Boy how to iron today.

As the day continued to unfold, I was called over the loud speaker. Byers! Visit! I’d say by habit, I’m part firefighter/superhero, because of the way I can change, do my hair, brush my teeth and skedaddle on down to the visiting room in record time. There, waiting to see me, was my buddy Brandon Cox and his young and lovely mother. What a blessing it is to have such fun and caring people in my life.

After my visit, I sat down for dinner in the cafeteria. Dirt sandwiches. Umm, delicious. A guard walks over an proclaims that I have another visit. Zoom, back to the unit like a firefighter/superhero, grab my visit ticket. Who’s there waiting, non other than my beautiful son Gavin. Are you kidding me!

People of planet earth. No prison wall or razor wire holds me back from true happiness and hope of a bright successful future. I am that flower you see growing from a dry and barren wasteland. Resilient, stable, tough, all-inclusive bursting with quantum vibrancy. Wooooooh!

Life is easy, truly living is hard, but oh so worth it.

Ton’s of love,
Marshall Byers

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