The foundations for many criminal behaviors may start at home. With more and more strain put on families to get by in life, there comes a tipping point when survival outweighs traditions. When those instances happens, it can lead to a trail of destruction all the way to adulthood. The last stop, prison. While broken homes aren’t the only source of criminal beginnings, there is something to be said for the relationship between decades worth of increasing divorce rates and increased incarceration rates. I didn’t know a lot of people before prison that came from nuclear families and in prison, I know far less. None of what I’m saying is an accusation, I’m also contributing to this social tragedy. I’m simply expressing an observation.

But what I do want, is to raise awareness about the importance of family and the lessons created in the home. If we as a society can focus our energies into the home, perhaps we don’t have to focus our taxes into a criminal justice system. Clear expectations and the ability to encourage families to achieve those expectations can lead to healthier communities, less crime, valued neighbors, and a means to end the cycle of social abuse that comes from struggling to get by. It’s not the best answer. I don’t even know if it’s a right answer, but we have to start somewhere. What I do know is that group homes and juvenile detention facilities aren’t the fertile grounds for building the next generation on. It starts at home….

by Rory Andes

Communities change when we care enough to change them…

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