Trump has been the single most controversial president in my era. I might even suggest no other president has divided America like this since Lincoln, maybe Kennedy. Anyway, that is not the point, the point is when Trump announced he was running, I was hopeful about it.

I really despise politicians because they go to college to learn politics. Meaning, they are in it for the career, the power, fame, etc. They do not care about the 326 million people in this country, they care about career longevity. Trump made them nervous and then eventually made them tremble in fear. This I liked.

Then Trump began courting men like Jeff Sessions, Pence, and Bannon all enemies of LGBT people. Then I became nervous and changed my political stance. Because we are allowed to do so. New info brings new assessment and possible beliefs, right?

Why then must people have to believe in Democrat or Republican? You know you have a choice, right? You can choose to believe in neither. We cannot afford another Trump in office, but neither can we afford another career oriented, old money, self-serving, line drawing, winner of the debate team Republican or Democratic politician.

Because we are a free country we have the freedom to say we do not like how things are going and then guess what, a political science degree from Harvard is worthless for an election. Politics do not teach freedom, they teach career.

Have an opinion, even if you end up changing it with new information, at least you weighed in.

With Love
Jeff “Jeffebelle”