First of all I think that being a civil servant is a good thing. Helping people in crisis is a noble position and police officers have a very difficult job. But, it is one they chose.

My question is I the value of life. Is the life of a cop more valuable than the life of say, a child? 
I have to wonder because in the media the slaying of a police officer warrants near 24 hour coverage and man hunts that result in life sentences or 30-40 years of imprisonment. However, when a child is murdered there is little notice taken. Unless of course it is a suburban, mid to upper class family that has been affected. Than it is a holy war that has been declared because its usually a white family with some level of financial backing. 

This hidden bias is unnerving. Nobody should be murdered. Nobody’s life is less valuable than another. But that is not the case in courts. I have met men who have put their infant step children into a pillow case and proceeded to swing the defenseless baby into the ground repeatedly until the child was deceased. That man got less then 20 years. In the same prison, the same state, a man took a cop hostage by cuffing him in the backseat of his own patrol car then left and got 40 years.

Clearly the life value system is different.

Are we practicing justice? Is our system fair and equal? 

Think about it.

With Love