Are you still “gay” if you just want to get your rocks off when a woman isn’t available? I have seen this happen a lot over the years of my imprisonment. 

I have seen men become the gayest human being, swishy walk, limp wrist, gay themed prison tattoos. Then get out and they forget all about it. Interesting how far some guys will go to have sex. I think its strange but far be it from me to judge anyone.

It really just further instills within me that I must remain abstinent until release. I don’t want to be conquered or tricked. The lengths some go…

It has gotten to be a game I play with other LGBT people that have been down awhile. Who’s gay really, who’s just situation-ally gay? Its usually obvious, situation-ally gay people in prison usually are usually not into relationships, don’t like kissing, just wanting to top and then leave as quickly as possible. Situation ally gay people in prison just want sex, as quickly and discreetly as possible. 

Which works perfect for them to predatorize us because its illegal to be gay in prison (there is a punishment for the act…) and even relationships have to quiet and hidden. Which works perfectly for them because if a gay man wants to feel needed, wanted, loved even, that is the only route available. 

Prison isn’t breeding homosexuality. Its human nature. If gays were able to be open in prison then those that are situational, wont have as much opportunity to be situational because gays will be able to openly proclaim their relationship status, making those that are strictly situational less likely to pursue out of fear of being labelled. 

Perhaps more tolerance and less bigotry?

With Love
Jeff Utnage