I hear so much about our countries divisiveness, I experience it daily. Officers are just as divided on political ideals as inmates and both are just as uneducated on such matters. Each “side” only hearing news that backs up their wacky ideology, meanwhile the average American is stuck feeling as if they don’t staunchly align with the right or the left they are not part of the decision-making process.

The problem is those of us who have beliefs in all major parties aren’t politically represented, which I believe is the true majority, not entirely left and not entirely right. With this confusion of who to vote for and how it is getting harder and harder to continue to have pride, or patriotism, for a country that is actively dividing.

Funny how a country built on Christian “values” doesn’t seem to remember a few basic principles right from the bible, a house divided will fall…if you don’t remember that, perhaps you fancy Sun Tzu or Robert Greene more, who both say the same thing in their own words, divide your enemy and cause confusion in morale, then wait.

All this being said, this morning I heard “The Star Spangled Banner” and chills went up my spine and my eyes moistened as I listened intently. A natural reaction that surprised even me. Even though I feel as if I am not even welcomed politically and even socially, I still love this country…

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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