When people come to prison, it’s a punishment. It’s done as punishment. The freedoms of social normalcies are removed along with the freedom to conduct life as desired. In society, we build social bonds that can become the sources of love, intimacy, even sexuality. But prison is intended as the barrier to the full exploration of that. While very few states (like ours) have provisions for conjugal visits that strengthen the bonds of those in a legally recognized partnership, it’s a joining of the free world with the incarcerated one, not two inside prison. But not every marriage or domestic partnership qualifies for such visits, either. It is a privilege. Never a right. Like owning a gun, the right to have consensual intimacy or sex is removed by virtue of adjudication. Don’t like it? Don’t go to prison. But for the sake of rehabilitation, follow the rules on it…

So, why am I beating this drum? I’ve ran I to people I prison who are adamant that it’s their “right” to find a partner in prison and explore it to all its ends. It isn’t a right. As a matter of fact, it’s against policy. Sex is outlawed inside prison for a number of reasons, specifically disease transmission and the violence that can come with messy relationships. Should it be illegal to fall in love in prison? Absolutely not. Fall for whomever you see fit to bond with, but you can’t act on it. It’s a privilege given to a prisoner through a legal process and with the free world. Tattoos, smoking marijuana and consuming alcohol are legal for those of age in the free world. But not in prison… and sex isn’t allowed either, for the same safety reasons. Sex in prison isn’t a “right”, but feel free to love… Sorry, my friends, the energy should be put into creating a life that doesn’t require such staunch defiance of policy, anyway…

by Rory Andes

Follow the rules as required (unless the rule jeopardizes safety)…

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